Adrian Ellison Shares How We Can Heal From Within

Today I sit down with Adrian Ellison, Founder of the Alpas Project. She hosts conscious retreats and self healing and empowering workshops and her work is profound in helping individuals heal their shadows, find authentic confidence and experience radical self expression.

Adrian's work is rooted in helping hundreds of thousands with inner child work, cord cutting, repairing subconscious patterns such as self sabotage, social programming, dysfunctional relationships, addiction loops, and other physical and mental health challenges that keep us from living out our unique expression. This conversation is a little different than our typical ones on the show and I loved it for that. We dive right into some very deep topics centered around healing and expression of who we are. I’d encourage you to share this episode with a friend, or loved one to further spark a deeper conversation with them. Deep conversation is one of the many ways we can feel more flow.

 Listen to the whole conversation here.