• Finding Your Flow Formula

    Flow, or the zone as many of us in sports refer to it, is a state of total immersion into the task at hand. It’s when we feel the most productive, borderline superhuman, and it’s actually is a state of consciousness that we can get into through a series of flow triggers.
  • High Consequences Lead to High Flow

    We've all heard you need to risk it to get the biscuit. But how much exactly should we be risking? Learning how to manage risk and manage our expectations can lead us to some profound results in life.
  • Q Williams Shares How We Can Ignite Our Inner Fire

    Today I sit down with Q who is a former 2 sport athlete at Northwestern University, standout football player, world class speaker and fellow coach. Q specializes in helping ignite passion in life, something we just did as we crushed a workout just prior to recording this.
  • Adrian Ellison Shares How We Can Heal From Within

    Today I sit down with Adrian Ellison, Founder of the Alpas Project. She hosts conscious retreats and self healing and empowering workshops and her work is profound in helping individuals heal their shadows, find authentic confidence and experience radical self expression.